Thursday, March 18, 2010

Teach Spanish to children at the park

At the park, like most kids, my kids love to play in the sand. So we do an activity that my 3.5 year old really likes.

First we dig a small area for the river.  Then we gather up a bunch of sticks to put over the "river" to make a little bridge.

So some of my narration through this playing might sound a little like this:

Cavemos en la arena.  "Let's dig in the sand."
Hagamos un rio. "Let's make a river."
¿Quieres hacer un puente? "Do you want to make a bridge"
Busquemos unos palos. "Let's look for some sticks."
Oh, mira.  Hay un palo detrás de ti. "Oh, look.  There's a stick behind you."
Este palo es largo. "This stick is long."
Este palo es corto. "This stick is short."
¿Este palo es largo o corto? "Is this stick long or short?"

Teaching Spanish to kids is so fun when they don't realize they're actually learning!


Adriana said...

Great idea! My boys love to play in the sand too!

Tati said...

What a great dialouge! Thanks for sharing