Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Free Spanish Matching Activities

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As the site says these are free downloadable "Spanish language matching activities where you match the picture to its Spanish name. A fun little activity for kids learning Spanish. Comprised of fruits, vegetables, school items and kitchen items."

Help your kids or students learn Spanish vocabulary with the great freebie!

Free Spanish Alphabet Flash Cards

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I just found a site where you can print some free Spanish Alphabet Flash Cards.  There is a vocabulary word on each card along with the targeted letter. Print 2 sets and play memory and go fish.  I can't wait till my printer is up and running again and I can print these too!

Update: I finally made a few memory and go fish games.  My daughter loves these games.  When we play the memory game I just make sure to say each word we turn over every time so that she continually hears the words in Spanish.  For Go Fish in Spanish we each have 4-6 cards and take turns asking "Tienes la manzana?" for example. When I answer I always say, "si, la tengo." or "No, no la tengo. Anda a pescar."  Kids learn Spanish so fast and easily through play.  I'm always so excited to hear my kids using Spanish.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Games for Learning Spanish: ¿Dónde está Waldo?

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"Donde está Waldo?" is a great game to use when teaching the prepositions of location. One teacher puts about 5-6 small Waldos in each teacher's mailboxes and asks them to hide them in their classroom. Number the backs and have a master list so that you know where the Waldo came from. Then as students find them (limit 1 for each location) they must tell you in Spanish where Waldo is and in what classroom. For example: "Waldo está en la clase de matematicas sobre el reloj." Then they get a piece of candy or whatever reward you want.

"Donde está Waldo?" can also be used for the vocabulary on the house. Hide him in pictures and have your students tell you where he is. Then, in a "places" unit, he can be in the bakery, at the movies, in a restaurant etc. You can also hide him on the test and they get extra credit if they can tell you in Spanish where he is.

Need more game ideas:  See a previous post on Games to learn Spanish

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Some of my favorite ideas for Spanish for preschoolers this week

These come from other bloggers that I follow.
Teaching kids Spanish can be so much fun and so very challenging at the same time!  I am thankful to have found other bloggers who share my passion for teaching Spanish.
 I found this fabulous song to the tune of La Bamba for washing hands.

2.  Tati over at Wannajugarconmigo has posted several of her lessons.  One of my favorites is the one she did on clothing (ropa).  She incorporates several activities including a video clip from Whistlefritz , a cute clothing line, and a Diego and Dora paper doll craft
Spanish for Beginners: Vamos a Jugar (Let's Play), 2nd edition
3.  I really liked the sorting activity over at Dos pequenos traviesos.  What a great bilingual blog she has! 
Do you have a great idea  for teaching Spanish to preschoolers?  Feel free to link in with that specific post from your website or blog even if I already linked to your blog.  Don't have a blog but still have an idea go ahead and leave a comment here.
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Friday, May 7, 2010

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Spanish for Preschoolers

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Lately my 3.5 year old and I have been playing go fish and memory with these cards.

I made 2 games.  One for each set of pictures.
I printed 2 sets from this site.
Then I cut them and we played memory.  Then we played go fish or "anda a pescar."

My daughter already knew most of this vocabulary in Spanish so we were working on simply speaking in Spanish.

For "Anda a Pescar" I passed out 7 cards for her and I and the rest went in a pile.
Katie or I would ask,
"Tienes la manzana" (for example).
If I had it I'd say "si, la tengo."
If not I'd say, "No, no la tengo. Anda a pescar."

I plan on making the cards more durable by putting them on construction paper and then laminating.  Finding, planning and making these preschool Spanish activities is not always easy and is definitely time consuming but the reward is priceless!