Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Buzz: A Spanish Learning Game

Buzz is a great game to help your students learn Spanish numbers.  It is also a great math game. Learning Spanish numbers does not have to be boring.  There are a bunch of things you can do besides Bingo.

Just go here to read my article.

Bee Hive Clip Art

A is for Abeja...

Here is a great free Spanish printable for your preschooler.  I am doing one letter per week and working with my own preschooler on that particular letter.

Print out your "A" page here with Spanish words that start with "A."

Have your preschooler trace the letter A.  Then have him or her decorate the A's.  Come up with something creative like help them draw a bunch of Arañas all over the A.  Or use glitter glue, pompoms, or stickers of anything that starts with A in Spanish. Have your preschooler color and cut out (supervised of course) the pictures. Paste them into this letter book:

To print your Spanish letter A book go here and here.

Want to join me?  Let me know in the comment section. What creative ideas are you coming up with?

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Spanish Lesson Plans

Teachnology is a great resource for teachers.  In particular you can peruse their library of Spanish lesson plans for teachers.

I really like the Spanish Lesson Plan titled: Contents of My Backpack. It is a great hands on lesson for exposing students to classroom vocabulary in Spanish and having your students practice with it.  It could easily be tailored to any foreign language or ESL class.

If you need some fresh ideas for your high school Spanish lesson plans or elementary Spanish lesson plans this is worth a look.  You can read and print the lesson plans for free. 

Teach them Spanish is another great resource!  I think I have 4 levels of this book.  These are a perfect supplement for middle school Spanish and High school Spanish level I as well as being a great resource for elementary Spanish.  At less than $10 for a reproducible book these are quite the bargain (imho) !

Do you know of some great resources for Spanish Lesson Plans?  Leave your ideas in the comment section.

“We Did It” Dora doll Giveaway

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Do you know a Dora Fan?  Well  Spanglish Baby is giving a 10th anniversary Bilingual Dora doll to one lucky reader.  To find out how to enter this Dora doll giveaway go here.

Search Amazon.com for Dora doll

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Name Tags

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Foreign Language House has posted a great link. 8 different name tags that have different pictures on them.  Each has a picture and "me llamo" and space to put a student's name.

You can get these name tags in Spanish or in French.

Puppet Giveaway!

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Fun for Early and Elementary Spanish Teachers is giving away these two cute Colombian puppets.

Just go over here to see how you can enter and add a little more excitement to your Spanish classes or Spanish teaching at home. 

Giveaway ends on September 5th at 10:00 pm Eastern Time

Do you know of any other Spanish related giveaways?  Let us know in the comment section.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Spanish Alphabet (Alfabeto)

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One of the first things a Spanish teacher will do is teach the Spanish alphabet.  One of the important reasons behind this is that it helps teach pronunciation. There are many ways to make teaching the alphabet in Spanish interesting and fun for your students.

The obvious beginning is to simply show the alphabet and how it is pronounced in Spanish.  Provide them with the phonetic spelling but remind them that this is just how you say the letters.  (I have had the occasional student think that the letter "A" in Spanish is actually spelled "AH.")

Once your students are familiar with the Spanish alphabet they can then start to "play" (practice) with it.

I have them get with their partner and spell 3 different classmate's names.They don't tell their partner who.  The partner has to write down the letters that they say.  Then they switch roles.

I also do something similar as a whole class.  I'll choose 5-10 words for the students to write down as I spell them.  I like to choose words that the students are learning, or that are funny or interesting. Sometimes I'll spell a celebrity or teacher's last name.

Another thing I like to do in the beginning is practice the vowels as a whole class. I have them on the overhead and point to them a-e-i-o-u.  I'll have them say them several times going faster and faster.  Then backwards u-o-i-e-a the same way.  Finally I'll point to them out of order for a while and then get them to end up saying u-i-u-a-a like this song:

Spanish playground had a great link for playing a game online to learn the alphabet sounds in Spanish.
Just go here.

Please add in the comment section what you do to teach the Spanish alphabet. Let's see how many ideas we can come up with.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Free Printable Spanish Lessons

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Go here to find a bunch of free Spanish Printables.  These are some great Spanish teaching resources.

Some of the topics include:
  • ser vs. estar
  • Usted and Ustedes commands
  • Spanish alphabet 
  • Colors
  • Telling time
Here is another site that has free Spanish Printable worksheets 

Do you know of some other great Spanish teaching resources?  Feel free to leave your ideas in the comment section.

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    Friday, August 13, 2010

    Realidades Spanish Book

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    Do you use the text book Realidades? Are you getting ready to make your Spanish lesson plans?

    Here is a site you  can direct your students to in order to review Spanish vocabulary and hear the Spanish words at the same time.  Students can print a list of the vocabulary, practice and then quiz themselves.  Awesome!

    Not sure how to start?  Here's a look at lesson plans for the first week of school from one teacher. Find a bunch more of these lesson plans here. This should give you some ideas on how to build your lesson plans.

    Example pacing guide for level one
    Graphic overview of Spanish I