Monday, April 23, 2012

Teaching Spanish one hour at a time

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I've started teaching beginning Spanish lessons to our neighbor's little boy (kindergartener) and in return my daughter is taking piano lessons from his mom.  It's great because it forces me to do a lot of review with my kids.  Boy can my kiddos act up having their mom as their teacher.   Here's what we did today.

  • Simon dice-- to practice body parts
  • Head and shoulders knees and toes in Spanish
  • Power glide Spanish
  • Numbers - 10 in Spanish
  • Sang "1, 2, 3"  (track 6) from Sing A Lingo (I heard my kids singing this later throughout the day.  Score!)
  • Simple conversation using hola, ¿Cómo te llamas?, Me llamo,  ¿Cómo estás?, bien, mal, así así and adiós.
  • My students then got to cut and paste using some of their new vocabulary words from the  Teach Them Spanish Kindergarten book.
  • Played outside jumping on numbers I had written in chalk saying each number in Spanish as we jumped on it.
  • Counted things the kids collected in Spanish.  (This reminds me of some of our Spanish at the park outings.)

This week I plan to review the above and...

  • Sing the Siete Dias song to learn the days of the week at the calendar.
To the tune of The Adams Family

Siete días (snap, snap)
Siete días (snap, snap)
Siete días (3x) (snap, snap)
Hay domingo y hay lunes 
martes y miércoles
jueves y viernes 
Y después hay sábado   
Siete días (snap, snap)
Siete días (snap, snap)
Siete días (3x) (snap, snap)
  • Sing and dance to tracks 4, 5 and 8 from Sing A Lingo. Each of these songs (Marcha, Ponte a bailar and lava las manos) incorporates body vocabulary.
  • Sing "Cinco deditos" to the tune of 10 little Indians
Uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco
Uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco
Uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco
Cinco deditos son

  • Play dominoes to review numbers through 10 using this free printout.
 Here are some of my other preschool Spanish class lessons:


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spanish Weather vocabulary using Boom Boom Pow

Have you seen this?  I just saw it today.  Someone put together a video using the music from Boom Boom Pow by the Black Eyed Peas and dubbed in Spanish weather vocabulary.  I love it!  The accent could be a bit better but your students will love it.  If you are teaching weather vocabulary or reviewing it you should use this video to spice things up.  The person who uploaded this video to youtube is a Spanish teacher and recommends having the students do actions for the words in the song.  He says that in the last part of the song you have to decide what you are going to say ahead of time based on what the weather is like.