Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Parts of the Body in Spanish

There are so many things you can do when teaching the parts of the body in Spanish.  A lot of people play Simon Dice (Simon says) but check out this Spanish lesson plan that reviews the body parts using a student created monster.

Check out these other posts on teaching Spanish body vocabulary:
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Spanish Poems on el cuerpo

Spanish Video incorporating body vocabulary

Spanish Song with body parts (not the same head and shoulders, knees and toes song)

Hop, Skip and Sing Spanish has several GREAT songs in Spanish that help teach body vocabulary.  Go here to see my review about Hop, Skip and Sing Spanish.

Parts of the Body Spanish Lesson

Click on and hear the parts of the body in Spanish 

Harry y el terrible Quiensabeque

Last week I mentioned this site for high school Spanish lesson plans or elementary Spanish lesson plans .  You can read and print the lesson plans for Spanish Class for free.

Mi Cuerpo would be a great book to read to introduce students to this vocabulary.


Hooked on Spanish seems like a pretty inexpensive option for teaching young kids Spanish.  It has an average of 4 star reviews.

Do you know of some great resources for Spanish Class Lesson Plans?  Leave your ideas in the comment section.


Jennifer Brunk said...

Thanks for this post. The game sounds fun and I will certainly try it. I've also found that students like the online activities designed for native Spanish to learn body parts. I wrote a post about games that the Spanish Ministry of Education has on their educational technology website here Online activities for body parts
I love your blog. It is always good for new ideas!

Elaine said...

Thanks Jennifer!

Monica said...

Thanks for the resources! The monster activity is very clever...