Thursday, February 11, 2010

Brain Quest Hispanic America

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 This is what Brain Quest says about this one: "Celebrate the heritage: El Cid to Selena, marimbas and the Pyramid of the Sun. HISPANIC AMERICA covers it all: history, famous people, the Arch of Carabobo, geography, "The Liberator," pop culture, hasta la vista versus hasta luego, and more. Quiz yourself, quiz your parents—quiz your big brother. The Aztecs. La raza and el boricua. Sammy Sosa and a snack of pasteles."

I recently bought Brain Quest Hispanic America because I can't resist anything that has to do with Spanish and I have to say that so far I am pretty impressed. I bought it for $10.95 but apparently  you can get it even cheaper here.    I think it would give you some great ideas for various games, activities to do with your students.   See what other people have to say. Have you used Brain Quest Hispanic America in your class?  If so what do you do?