Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Have You Missed My Posts?

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I've been pretty busy this Summer.  We've gone on a couple of vacations and I've started writing for a fun site called Bubblews.  I talk about it more here. I've written a few Spanish related posts there like this one about one of my favorite Spanish Apps.

I've been pretty busy (obsessed) with writing there. It is a fun social, site in which you get paid for writing each post.  Are you on Bubblews?  Let me know.  I am ElaineK there.  It is the Easiest site for writing online and making some money pretty fast.  A word of warning though...if you google  reviews for this site you're going to find some people that are unhappy.  Why because this site is young and definitely going through some growing pain.  I have written about some of the problems I have seen here.  Anyway if you have been wondering where I have been (I know there are hoards of you!!)  that is where.  I also have a few other projects up my sleeve...