Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Froggy Se Viste

Today was my second co-op Spanish class this year and I wanted to continue on with the clothing theme.  I checked my Sonrisas curriculum and was happy to find a clothing unit and the recommended book was Froggy Se Viste.  The Froggy books are so cute!

We sang "gorra, camisa, pantalones, zapatos" to the tune of "head and shoulders, knees and toes" from the Sonrisas CD.

I read Froggy Se Viste online from here.  I'd like to get my own hard copy.  It is such a cute book and my students really enjoyed the book.  In fact as soon as I was done reading it they wanted me to read it again. It is a perfect book to read when teaching clothing vocabulary in Spanish.  Clothing is repeated several times throughout the story.

For the table activity my students did two pages (front and back side) from Teach Them Spanish Grade 1.  They simply had to copy the Spanish clothing words and color.  As they were doing this I went to each student and asked them questions in Spanish.

More resources.

Go to the bottom of this site to find a link on how to do a skit using Froggy Se Viste

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