Tuesday, August 20, 2013

First Co-Op Spanish Class of the New School Year

First Co-Op Spanish class of the new school year.

I have the same students so I didn't have to start from the beginning this year, although I might add one more family so I may have to change things up.

Here's what we did for the first day:

  • Emotions-- I asked each student how they were doing and interacted a bit with each.
  • Names-- I asked each student their name and made sure they answered back in a complete sentence. Then I had them ask a partner and respond with "mucho gusto."
  • Colors -- We often talk about the colors each person is wearing.  I reviewed the colors a little since it had been so long and then I started asking ¿Quién lleva rojo?  Then whoever is wearing red stands and says "Yo llevo rojo."  My students have gotten quite good at this and they really like it!
Clothing -- This was our main activity.  I had some cards that I printed and cut out from Teach Them Spanish Grade 1.  I reviewed the 12 clothing items and then we played memory making sure to say the name of each card that was flipped over. 

Next we listened to track 40 and 41 from Hop, Skip and Sing Spanish.   The track is "Juguemos en el bosque"  a traditional Spanish song/ game in which some pigs are singing that they are playing in the forest while the wolf is away.  The piggies stop and ask if the wolf is there to which the wolf replies "Yes, I'm putting on my shirt, pants..."  Once the wold if dressed he chases the pigs or kids or whatever you want the wolf to be chasing.  The kids liked this song.  I think we'll do it again over the next few weeks.  They'll get better and better at the song and will be able to take turns being the wolf.

For our table time activity my students colored a page with the clothing vocabulary in Spanish on it.  This was a sheet from Teach Them Spanish Grade K.   While they were coloring I went around and commented in Spanish about the clothing and color that each student had.  Then I had each student tell me the name of each clothing item in Spanish.  I only had to help a tiny bit!

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