Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Teach them Spanish

Teach Them Spanish!, Grade 5 (English and Spanish Edition)
I taught Spanish at the high school and junior high level for 8 years and am now mentoring other Spanish teachers.  I bought Teach Them Spanish either my first or second year and continued to use it every year. It was a valuable resource with great Spanish lessons for kids.  I felt that when teaching the Spanish pronouns and teaching conjugation that my Spanish I students needed the steps to be broken down a little more than what their textbook did.   Teach Them Spanish has fabulous reproducible pages as well as Spanish teaching techniques and Spanish games to play with your class. This book says level 5 but it worked great with my Spanish I students in high school.  Level 4 would also work just fine. Besides the Spanish pronouns and conjugating other topics include colors, clothing, food, family, and animals. Each Spanish language lesson includes a simple-to-follow teacher lesson plan, a practice page, and activity pages.
Right now you can get a used copy for $3.66 plus shipping. New books are on sale for $8.79.
And if you have enough swagbucks you can get it even cheaper.

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