Monday, September 13, 2010

Beginning Reading in Spanish with the Pink Box Words

 La Caja Rosa/ The Pink Box

Thinking about teaching your preschooler to read in Spanish?  Here's something you can do to incorporate Spanish vocabulary flashcards that I found over at El Rincón Español.
You can download and print 2 files of  simple Spanish CVC words (consonant, vowel, consonant). These Spanish flash cards have their corresponding pictures to represent the Spanish word.

This is not a game in and of itself.  It is a collection of CVC words in Spanish.  However, you could easily print two sets and play a memory game.  I always have my students say the word in Spanish when they turn it over. 

Why the pink box? The person that put this together had a collection of different words color coded by difficulty level with the easiest being the "pink box" words.

The first file has the following CVC Spanish words:  sol – sun, pez – fish, col – cabbage, sal – salt, paz – peace, cal – lime, tez – skin/complexion, uva- grape, pan – bread, mar – sea, oso – bear, ola – wave

The second file has these CVC Spanish words:  sed – thirst, tul – tulle, dos – two, tos – cough, luz – light, voz – voice, más – plus, uno – one, pie – foot, ojo – eye, ajo – garlic, oca – goose

El Rincón Español suggests to...

"Model, and encourage the student to sound out each word.  For example, if you are teaching the word "sol" introduce each letter by its sound in Spanish, not its name.  
Este es el ssssssssssss  (this is the sssssss)
y este es el ohhh (and this is the ohhh)
y este es el llllllllll  (and this is the lllll)

Then model blending these sounds: ssss..ooohhh…lllll – sol

After practicing, these Spanish words should become easy to read, and the new vocabulary will be a side benefit, as well as increased confidence in tackling reading in Spanish." 

I can't wait to get started.  Let me know if you decide to do this too and how it works for you.

Don't forget.  You can play other games with your Spanish flashcards.  I have another set of flashcards here that my kids and I use to play memory in Spanish and go fish with in Spanish.  You could easily play those games with the caja rosa Spanish flashcards.

The best way to learn Spanish for kids is through fun activities, songs and games. Here are some more Spanish learning games


chocolateskeleton said...

I will be trying The Caja Rosa along with your set of cards. They both seem engaging I like the graphics on your set of cards. I will let you know how it goes! Gracias.

Elaine said...

Great! Can't wait to hear about the results. Buena Suerte!