Tuesday, September 7, 2010

B is for Bombero

As promised I am posting about one letter per week and working with my own preschooler on that particular letter. I know you could just as easily go to the website each week but this way we can share ideas and it serves as a great reminder (for myself) to do these with my preschooler.

Print out your "B" page here with Spanish words that start with "B"

Have your preschooler trace the letter B.  Then have him or her decorate the B's.  Come up with something creative.  Use glitter glue, pompoms, or stickers of anything that starts with B in Spanish. Have your preschooler color and cut out (supervised of course) the pictures. Paste them into this letter book:

To print your Spanish letter B book go here and here.  Preschoolers love practicing their cutting and pasting.

What other kid friendly words can you think of that start with B in Spanish?
Want to join me?  Let me know in the comment section. What creative ideas are you coming up with?

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