Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hop Skip and Sing Spanish

I gambled a little on this when I bought it.  I didn't know anything about it and I usually like to read reviews before I make a purchase.  After listening a few times and learning the songs/ games I was glad I made the purchase.  We continue to use this CD in the car and have incorporated several of the games.  Before each song there is an explanation of the new Spanish vocabulary as well as how some of the Spanish games.  After listening through this once or twice I now just skip to the Spanish song or game. 

My kids' favorite is probably:

The game that instructs children to walk very slowly and then stop. "Camina despacio, muy despacio. Para!"  Other vocabulary for this game includes jumping, jumping high, running, and going fast or in a hurry.  We play this game without the CD now and my kids have a good old time.  They know these words and say them in Spanish regularly.

The average review on Amazon is 4 out of 5 stars.  It is aimed at preschoolers but there are games and songs that can be used all the way through around 2nd grade.  There are some great baby games.

If you are looking for a CD you can just pop in and walk away expecting your child to learn Spanish then this CD is probably not for you.  However if you want to learn some new songs and games to sing and do along with your child this will be perfect.  It takes a few times of listening to the songs in order to learn them but that's normal since these are probably mostly new songs for you. I often catch my kids singing some of the songs.

If you are looking for some games and songs to incorporate into your Spanish teaching for young kids I highly recommend Hop, Skip and Sing Spanish

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