Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Free Spanish Alphabet Flash Cards

I just found a site where you can print some free Spanish Alphabet Flash Cards.  There is a vocabulary word on each card along with the targeted letter. Print 2 sets and play memory and go fish.  I can't wait till my printer is up and running again and I can print these too!

Update: I finally made a few memory and go fish games.  My daughter loves these games.  When we play the memory game I just make sure to say each word we turn over every time so that she continually hears the words in Spanish.  For Go Fish in Spanish we each have 4-6 cards and take turns asking "Tienes la manzana?" for example. When I answer I always say, "si, la tengo." or "No, no la tengo. Anda a pescar."  Kids learn Spanish so fast and easily through play.  I'm always so excited to hear my kids using Spanish.

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Heaven said...

Wow.. thanks so much. I can't wait to check out the site and print some off for I and my little ones as well. Peace.