Sunday, May 16, 2010

Games for Learning Spanish: ¿Dónde está Waldo?

"Donde está Waldo?" is a great game to use when teaching the prepositions of location. One teacher puts about 5-6 small Waldos in each teacher's mailboxes and asks them to hide them in their classroom. Number the backs and have a master list so that you know where the Waldo came from. Then as students find them (limit 1 for each location) they must tell you in Spanish where Waldo is and in what classroom. For example: "Waldo está en la clase de matematicas sobre el reloj." Then they get a piece of candy or whatever reward you want.

"Donde está Waldo?" can also be used for the vocabulary on the house. Hide him in pictures and have your students tell you where he is. Then, in a "places" unit, he can be in the bakery, at the movies, in a restaurant etc. You can also hide him on the test and they get extra credit if they can tell you in Spanish where he is.

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Adriana said...

That is a great idea for an activity!