Sunday, November 6, 2011

Spanish Practice my 5 year old can do

My five year old can:

1) Practice her numbers in Spanish from 21-30 online with a virtual dot to dot.  Check out the site here. I especially like it because she can do it more than once to create more than one dot to dot picture.

2) Practice the numbers in Spanish from 31-40 with an online game in which she first has to click on a flashlight and then click on all the different keys that are labeled with numbers from 31-40.  Go here to check it out. This is great because she enjoys working on the computer and she is motivated to listen, see and hear the numbers in Spanish. Me gusta! : ) 

3) Play ¿Qué hay en mi caja? with me to help her learn new spanish vocabulary or just review.  This is a great game that involves hearing Spanish, speaking Spanish and thinking in Spanish.

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