Sunday, November 6, 2011

Forgot your book? Spanish Vocabulary Flashcards and Lists Link

Tonight I happened upon a website that seems to have the Spanish vocabulary lists for each chapter of  all the major Spanish text books.  You can choose to see the vocabulary in list form or Spanish vocabulary flashcards that you can print. Awesome!  Teachers, if you are having your kids bring in flashcards this is why I recommend that you have them write out the words using pen and paper, never typed.  It is too easy to just go to a website and print.  That being said.  They should never be able to give you the excuse that they couldn't study the vocabulary or write out the words if you provide them with this sweet site. This site also contains Spanish grammar and Spanish conjugation charts. You may want to check to make sure that the list is current for your particular textbook or give your students some sort of disclaimer. Here is a link to the vocabulary lists.

These are the text books you will find:

Asi Se Dice 1
Asi Se Dice 2
Asi Se Dice 3
Avancemos 1
Avancemos 2
Avancemos 3
Breaking the Spanish Barrier 1
Breaking the Spanish Barrier 2
Breaking the Spanish Barrier ADV
Buen Viaje 1
Buen Viaje 2
Buen Viaje 3
De Viaje
Descubre 1
Descubre 2
Descubre 3
Dime 1
Dime 2
En Camino
En Espanol 1
En Espanol 2
En Espanol 3
Expresate 1
Expresate 2
Expresate 3
Navegando 1
Navegando 2
Navegando 3
Paso a Paso 1
Paso a Paso 2
Paso a Paso 3
Pobre Ana
Puntos de Partida
Realidades 1
Realidades 2
Realidades 3
Somos Asi 1
Somos Asi 2
Spanish for Mastery 3
Ven Conmigo 1
Ven Conmigo 2
Ven Conmigo  3

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