Monday, November 14, 2011

Sonrisas Elementary Spanish Curriculum

I am getting ready to start a new journey with Sonrisas Spanish School.  Sonrisas sent me their level one curriculum to review here on Teaching Español.  The level one curriculum includes two years worth of lessons for beginner preschool Spanish and elementary Spanish. My kids already know a lot of Spanish but I am excited to have something organized and planned out for me.  I can't wait to tell you how it goes. Want to join me on the first lesson?  They have a free sample here titled "Me llamo."

Stay tuned! Sonrisas has been kind enough to give one of their CDs to a "Teaching Español" reader.  It is "a collection of 29 traditional and original Spanish songs for kids" and from the samples found here it sounds like a great CD. 

They also have a level 2 curriculum for intermediate elementary Spanish.

According to the Sonrisas website the curricula is also "ideal for homeschooled children." 

I can't wait to let you know how it goes at our house. 


chocolateskeleton said...

I am a bilingual homeschooling mom of two, I am curious to hear your review about this curriculum. Happy to find you are still posting!

Karen said...

How is it going? I've been curious about Sonrisas as well. New homeschooler here.

Elaine @ Teaching Español said...

Hi Karen! You probably won't see my response. I neglected my poor blog for a while but others might find the answer helpful. I continually refer back to Sonrisas lesson plans. I teach a group of about 12 homeschoolers and Sonrisas has been one of my favorite resources for teaching younger kids Spanish.