Thursday, September 22, 2011

Los Changuitos

You may remember that I talked about a great Spanish curriculum for your young students who already know a lot of vocabulary.  It is actually the book used for first grade in Mexico.  It is great for the student who already knows a lot of Spanish.

Next up for us to read is this story called "Los Changuitos," which means "The Little Monkeys."  (You might know that the word monkey is mono in Spanish but in Mexico monkey is chango.)  It is a short story all about how monkeys don't wear various items of clothing each for different reasons.  For example, on one of the pages you see you see 3 monkeys wearing shirts that are way to big. Underneath it says,

"Dicen que los changos                   
no usan camisas.
Porque al caminar
los changuitos se las pisan"

They say that monkeys
don't wear shirts.
Because when they walk
the little monkeys step on them.

The only part I'm not a big fan of is the part where it talks about why they don't wear underwear---because the little monkeys leave them yellow.  : (

Here is a list of words that you may need to review if you are going to read the online Spanish version of the story or if you have the book.

usar- to wear
agujero- hole
las pisan- step on them
patas- feet (of an animal)
petacones- chubby
calzoncillos- underwear

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