Sunday, September 4, 2011

Another Catchy Way to Learn the Spanish Alphabet

One on my readers after seeing my post on the Catchiest Spanish Alphabet Song shared this Spanish Alphabet Marching Song.  I know my kids are going to enjoy this one!

As an aside, you'll notice in the beginning of the video that it says that the Spanish Alphabet has 29 letters, which it probably did at the time the video was made.  It seems that now the Royal Spanish Academy has reduced it to 27, getting rid of the "ch" and "ll." So the Spanish alphabet contains all the 26 letters in the English alphabet plus the "ñ."  There are some Latin countries that are not too happy about this and my have decided to keep the alphabet the same.  So if you are teaching the alphabet in your classroom and a student tells you that you forgot some of the letters you can kindly explain that there is debate among some of the Spanish speaking countries so if they want to add in the other letters on their own time when reciting the Spanish alphabet that they can feel free to do so.

There are some other interesting changes like not requiring the accent over the first "o" in solo when it means "only" instead of "alone."  To read more about these changes have a look here.

If you are teaching the Spanish alphabet you might be interested in the say one add one method. What a great technique for teaching the alphabet and making sure that you don't go too fast.

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