Friday, April 23, 2010

Spanish Games for Learning: "Mini Matamoscas"

Mata moscas or matamoscas (Fly swatter game) is a great game to help your students review just about anything. 
I have my student Jared to thank for this one. I observed him today and he had his class do this game to review the irregular preterite. 
Here's how it works:
Students are paired and have a sheet of paper between them.  On this paper he had several irregular preterite  sentences, about 8-10.  (You could use anything you want your students to review.) He then had the English sentences come up one at a time in a power point presentation. The first student to mark the correct Spanish translation with their pen got a point.
If you don't want to use power point you could easily use an overhead projector and place a paper over the sentences or whatever it is that you are reviewing one at a time. Or you could simple say the phrases out loud.
Why is it called "Mini Matamoscas"?  Check out my post on Matamoscas
Check out the song on the irregular preterite
More irregular preterite songs
and the free preterite packet I mentioned before.

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Anonymous said...

Spanish games are a good start in learning the language. This is going to be definitely fun!
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Erin said...

New comment on a seriously old post, I know.
I always used to do this with vocabulary words as a paired activity. I printed 2 sets of the pictures out on typing paper (4" square approx) and taped them to two separate chalk boards (one to the left and one to the right of me). Half the class stood in a line in front of one board, half in front of the other. Whoever slapped the correct word first got the point for their team. Pass the flyswatter back to the next person and keep going. They LOVED it (still talk about it 7 years later!)

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