Thursday, April 29, 2010

Classroom Management Techniques

Procedures, Consequences, Rules

When you got into teaching these are probably not the things that brought you to this career.  But once you arrived you most likely learned how crucial these are to your classes and to you.  Without these you might not last long.

Today, talking with a student of mine we brainstormed and came up with these consequences:

1- warning
*2- 10 minute lunch detention and reflection sheet
3- referral

* Students who receive 2 lunch detentions in one week will receive a phone call home.

These wouldn't be the best consequences for everyone but for this teacher these are a great fit.  She can't hold her students after class so that can't be a consequence.

Consistency and following through are so important with classroom management.  If one student sees another getting away with something he will think it is ok and misbehave as well, resulting in a domino effect.  Stop the wrong behavior immediately.  Post your rules and consequences.  Practice your procedures.  Collaborate with other teachers.

Reread The First Days of School It is full of great advice.  Another great classroom management book is by Lee Canter and is called Assertive Discipline

What are your classroom consequences?

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