Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spanish Music for Kids "Fiesta Songs"

Fiesta Songs!

Here's a great idea for an anticipatory set for teaching the verb gustar.   My JH and HS kids loved it when I played the me gusta song and even requested it. There is also a "no me gusta" song.  It was always a hit with my students and a great way to introduce gustar to my Spanish I students.Are you teaching high school Spanish?  I purchased this CD,  Fiesta Songs!, my first year I continued to use it year after year.

Now I am giving it new life to my toddlers.  Teaching preschool Spanish is a bit different than teaching my highschoolers but I like it. There are a couple songs I could do without but for the most part if you're a fan of sesame street you'll probably like this.  It even has some classics like Rubber Duckie (El Patito) and Sing (Canta) translated and sung in Spanish.  Teaching Spanish to children, particularly younger children is easier in a sense than teaching highschoolers.  You just go about your routine or playtime but incorporate Spanish.

What are your favorite CD's/ songs for teaching Spanish?

Check out how I describe how to create a great anticipatory set here.

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