Friday, May 17, 2013

Salsa Spanish Language Video Series

Maybe I'm way behind the times but have you heard of this Spanish video series before?  It is a series of 42 episodes of puppets and animation that focus on teaching Spanish in a fun way.  It is geared toward Kindergarten through third grade although I think it works great with pre-k too!

You can buy the videos or you can watch them online for free here.  The first episode starts at number 101 and is based on the familiar story of Goldilocks and the three bears.  Each video has a link to an extension activity as well as the transcripts for the entire dialogue.  The transcripts have the English translation next to the Spanish.  These would be great for middle school or high school Spanish classes for a skit project.  There are also online Spanish games to go along with the series.

I showed episode 121 "the fruit fiasco" to my class this week and they loved it.  There is a great extension activity to print out.  Students count the fruit and write the Spanish number in the blank.  They read the sentence and then color the fruit the correct color as stated in the sentence. 

You can find teacher supported materials from the Wyoming Department of Education website for the Salsa Spanish series here. It includes a scope and sequence, learning objectives, and a synopsis for each episode. The scope and sequence is located on p. 26 through 37.  If you print it out make sure to change your print settings to landscape.

The Wyoming Department of Education also has learning materials to go along with each episode (more than 20 pages of information per episode).  These are all free to print pdfs.  Just go here and click on the episode you need.

You can also play some online Spanish games that go along with the Salsa series.

Have you used Salsa Spanish in your class?  What are your thoughts?

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