Monday, May 27, 2013

My little guy

In case you don't know, Spanish is my second language.  I began learning Spanish in kindergarten and decided to pursue it in college. I put my Spanish to the test in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Spain. I fell in love with the language and the varying cultures.  After getting my masters degree in education I taught 8 years of high school Spanish.  I now teach a small homeschool Spanish class.  If I have to speculate, in five years (or sooner) I will either be back teaching high school Spanish or still homeschooling.  Time will tell.

What does all this have to do with my little guy?
Well I just wanted to give a small amount of inspiration to teachers of Spanish.  I am proud every day of my youngest Spanish student (also my youngest child) but Saturday it was just one of those wow moments.  Wow!  It's working!  You see my little guy turned two on Saturday and he was opening one of his birthday presents (a shirt).  He got the wrapping off and he said " ¡camisa!"  I was so proud.  I must be doing something right!  My husband is sometimes afraid that he knows more Spanish than English or that he isn't learning English but I know he knows English too.  He has a lot of English words in his two year old vocabulary.  His older brother and sister speak English to him all the time.  His Dad, grandma, grandpa, and all his friends speak English to him.  I am the only one who speaks in Spanish consistently to him, well me and Dora (Spanish version of course).

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Joe Mitchell said...

I'm just starting to learn Spanish myself having learned Irish and German in high school. I'm using an online course for most of my learning which involves me basically sitting in front of and talking at my computer. To my surprise my nine year old son has taken a huge interest in what I'm doing having recognised some of the words that he had remembered from watching Dora The Explorer and Go Diego on TV! Your blog has some great ideas for making Spanish even more interesting for my son so it looks like I'm becoming a teacher as well as a learner of Spanish!