Monday, October 22, 2012

Salta Ranita Salta

For our little Spanish class today I focused on the book Salta Ranita Salta

We began class with our little routine.
We sang:
Buenos Dias
Me llamo
Te quiero
To review colors I asked "De que color es tu camisa?"
Then I asked them "Quien lleva rojo..."
I instructed my cute little students to stand and say "yo llevo rojo."
(By the way there is a lot of whispering the answer to some of the students on my part.  And that is ok!  When they do say the answer, even if I whisper first, I offer a lot of woo hoo's, buen trabajo's or high fives.)

Next we reviewed numbers 1-10 with the song 1, 2, 3  using our fingers to represent each number.
Next I began to teach some of the new vocabulary from the book Salta Ranita Salta.

I created this page of pictures representing 11 words from Salta Ranita Salta.  I printed the page and cut out each picture.  Then I showed each to the students saying "Esta es una rana.  Pueden decir rana?  La rana dice ribbit, ribbit.  Que dice la rana?"

For mosca I said "Esta es una mosca.  Pueden decir mosca.  Te gustan moscas?  No? Pero la rana le gustan las moscas.  La rana usa su lengua larga para comer las moscas."  I always ham it up a little and make sure to mime as many actions as I can.
Next I had got out number cards 1-10 and we said the numbers again.  I handed each student one of the pictures from the above activity and told them to put the picture on a number.  For example I said "pon el pez debajo de numero cinco."  I said "I'm going to choose the quietest person for the next one."  When there were pictures under each number I asked Donde esta el pez.  I told students to respond with the correct number. This proved to be a little difficult for most of my students.  So I cut this activity a little short as attention spans were starting to wane.  

I got out the book Salta Ranita Salta and reminded students how we had played a game jumping over a  hat saying each person's name.  For example before Rachel jumped over the hat we said "Salta Rachel, salta!"  Then I explained that a ranita is a little frog and that rana is frog.  I read the title and all my students knew that salta ranita salta meant jump little frog, jump.

After reading the story I told my students that they had their own pictures to color.  As they were coloring I gave them the words in Spanish to label each picture commenting over and over about the words, asking what color their snake or frog was and so on.  Here is the sheet I created with some of the vocabulary words from Salta Ranita salta.  I put the glue on and they put them in the correct spot.

Nervous about reading a book to your students that is all in Spanish?  Read this post.

Do you do another activity with Salta ranita salta that I haven't mentioned?  Let us know in the comment section.

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