Friday, August 31, 2012

Teaching Colors in Spanish

This is part of my series "Teaching Spanish one hour at a time."

A lot of the ideas from this lesson came from the Sonrisas Spanish School curriculum.  They were kind enough to give me a copy to review in exchange for posting about my experience with it.  Each lesson has book suggestions.  You do not need these books in order to do the lesson.  I saw a review on Amazon did not think it was enough for a whole semester.  I disagree.  It is plenty.  There is a lot of review and overlap in early Spanish learning.

Today I am going to focus on teaching colors in Spanish to my little group of kids ages 4-6.

Sonrisas CD
Review how to say "me llamo" with song #3 from the Sonrisas CD
Review phrases for saying how you are feeling with "Buenos Dias" song #2 

Materials needed: Sonrisas CD, crayons for each student,  a piece of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, black and white construction paper.  Cut enough out of each color so that each student will be able to have their own.

Review each color in Spanish by holding up a paper and having each child repeat the color in Spanish.
Next I will be adapting a game from the Sonrisas curriculum called "el juego de los colores."

I'll just choose three or four of the colors.   Instruct students that you will be holding up one color at a time and if the student is wearing that particular color he or she will stand up.

Say "¿Quién lleva rojo?" Encourage students to use new phrases such as "Yo tengo rojo."


Place the cut papers on the floor in any order. Random is probably best.

Instruct the students that you will be asking them to take one color at a time and put their cards in a pile.  Say "toma el papel amarillo."  Do this for each student until all the cards are gone.

In the last activity students will practice their colors in Spanish by coloring this cute bear.  He is labeled with number words in Spanish and their is a box at the bottom of the page telling you what color to use.  You may need to help students who can't read very well yet.  There's also a similar butterfly to color if you'd rather use that.

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