Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ideas for Teaching Spanish

I never thought I'd be one when I grew up but it's true. I'm a Spanish nerd. I love everything Spanish. Well almost everything. Because of that I am always looking for ideas for teaching Spanish to my young kids. (currently ages 6, 4 and 15 months) Recently I began expanding my writing about teaching Spanish to Squidoo so you might find the following articles helpful:

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If you've been reading my blog for a while you might remember me posting about this First Grade Spanish Curriculum.  I was so excited to find it because it does a lot of what I need it to do for my kids who already have a large amount of Spanish vocabulary in their arsenal.   What I needed was something that would stretch them even further.  Now to be completely honest I haven't touched it in a while.  I am going to make an extra effort use it at least once a week.  The great thing about finding that curriculum is that it lead me to other websites that offer online activities in Spanish.

I really like "Léeme un cuento."  The site has 9 digital books in Spanish.  It is great because I can have my kids listen to stories in Spanish without my American accent.

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