Saturday, March 5, 2011

First Grade Spanish Curriculum

I've been working at getting my kids to learn Spanish at home since they were babies.  Now that my oldest (4.5) is doing some reading and math I was super excited to find this Spanish curriculum which I wrote about in my last post.  Unfortunately when I was updating that post somehow I lost the entire post.  Aargh! Anyway I found a set of 6 books geared toward 1st grade curriculum.  The books were printed in Mexico and I am guessing this is what some of the schools use.  I bought each book for $1. They were in the used book store part of our library.  I felt like I'd hit the jackpot.

This curriculum is for the parent or caregiver who already knows a lot of Spanish and wants to provide some additional structure.  I am highlighting the first grade Spanish curriculum because that is what I am using with my daughter as a homeschool Spanish curriculum but it does go through grade 6. 

For the first grade level it has a Spanish reading book that you can easily do all online (update:  It looks like they no longer offer the same stories online but the site still offers some other online stories in Spanish) or you can buy the Lectura book.  Having the book is nice because you can sit down on the couch or wherever with your little one and read the stories.  Here is what the book, Español: Primer Grado Lecturas, looks like:
Español: Primer grado L E C T U R A S

My daughter did a couple activities in the activity book, Español: Primer Grado Actividades  and Español: Primer Grado Recortable , which correspond with the Spanish reading book.

Espanol, Primer grado, actividades  Espanol Primer grado Recortable

You at least need the above two books in order to make this Spanish curriculum work.  If you don't mind reading the stories that correspond to the activity books online then you don't need the lectura book.  For the first grade books I really don't think it is necessary to have the reading book because you can listen to each story in Spanish online and the stories are fairly short.  However, it looks like the 2nd through 6th grade Spanish reading books do not have the audio and if you are reading it online the print is kind of small.  I like having the reading book so that my daughter and I can sit and read it anywhere.  Some of these books are being sold fairly cheap by third party sellers on Amazon.  I think the shipping costs more than the price of the book.

Here's what my daughter and I did using the 3 first grade books I have mentioned. We first read the story Saltan y Saltan from the first grade Spanish reading book.  If you want to check it out go here.  (Go here to see all the reading selections from this book.) Then we did the corresponding activity from the Actividades book.  My daughter got to cut out pictures of the dwarfs from the story (found in the recortable book), and then paste the pictures on a page in the Actividades book.  Before doing all this we talked about each emotion/ feeling depicted by each dwarf.  I then had her find the word that matched and paste the picture on the correct spot.  Then she wrote each Spanish word under the picture while I sounded it out for her in Spanish.  She is in the middle of working on first grade hooked on phonics so while some of the sounds are a little different than she's used to for English it really was no problem for her.

I have 3 other books I purchased as well that go along with this curriculum so stay tuned for when I review them.



Tati said...

Thank you again for your detailed posts! It was very helpful! Thanks!


Monica said...

How did you like the books? I was a 1st grade teacher in Mexico before moving to the US. I loved those books! They are not as quick a reading method as the syllabic method but once the kids learn to read (towards march) they read so fluently and beautiful. No stutterring at all! I know have a 4yo daughter and want to teach her to read in spanish. I kept a set of these when I moved her but I just cannot find the "recortable". I'm sure I had a complete set but I can't find it. They have now changed the books in Mx so the "recortable" is no longer in print and I can't find it there either (I have asked my former coworkers and teacher friends).

They used to be available online but I think they have been removed and replaced with the new ones. There's also a Teacher's handbook which details day by day, how each lesson and excersice is done. I found a link to that one, if you'd like it.

Good luck with it and let me know if I could help you!!

Elaine said...

Hi Monica,
Sorry it has taken me so long to see your comment. I saw some of these books on Amazon. Or you could look on EBAY. Hope that helps. Try here for the recortable book