Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Favorite Posts from other bloggers this week

I browsed some of my favorite Spanish teaching blogs today and found some great posts.

Free Spanish activity and Spanish song to download for young kids -- From Spanglish Baby

Teaching and learning Spanish reminded me about the free Spanish thematic units that range in levels from preschool through high school from the national k-12 foreign language resource center.

 Wannajugarconmigo posted a while back about the new Spanish lesson plans available from Whistlefritz .  My kids and I love the music and DVD's available from Whistlefritz so I will definitely be checking these lesson plans out.

I was also intrigued about the Spanish kids music that Wannajugarconmigo posted about.  It is by Abbasubi and you can listen to their music on their website as well as watch some of their videos.

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Beth said...

Hi. This is really a great blog!
I'm going to be teaching Spanish, but still have to take the CSET. I saw that you might be able to email the study guide you made? I don't know how this blogging stuff works, so this is the only way I could get a message out. If you could email it, I'd really appreciate it!