Thursday, May 21, 2009

Web Quests & Tracks

A WebQuest is a learning activity used by educators. During this activity learners read, analyze, and synthesize information using the World Wide Web. Webquests were invented by Bernie Dodge and Tom March at San Diego State University in 1995. Click here for more information on what a web quest is.

Go here  to create a web quest.

Click here to create a Track. Tracks are similar to web quests.  The internet is a huge ocean of material that your students can easily get lost in or worse find the wrong kind of information.  Keep your students "on track" by using this tool.  (Pun intended.)

This is an example of a web quest that a teacher designed to have students practice with weather and geography in Spanish.

Here is another track where students can practice the preterite.

Browse a little bit on your own. Go to the website and look at some tracks that have already been done.
  • In the top box on the right titled "find a track" click on Browse by standards and Grades
  • Click on non-English languages and other relevant information.
  • Go to the home page and enter in a keyword search.

Now get ready to make your own tracks.

Click here for the track star tutorial.

Click on “Preplanning a track” and review all the information there.
Go back to “Need help getting started?”
Click on “Making a track” and review the information there.
Now click on “Make a new track.”

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