Friday, May 22, 2009

Vocabulary Practice

Draw and guess (Thank you Ninfa)
  • Teacher draws on overhead (which is turned off) while students guess what the teacher might be drawing from the current chapter.
  • Once the vocab word is guessed that person comes up and takes a turn.

Battleship (Guerra Naval)

There are tons of things you can do with this. The most obvious is to practice numbers and letters. You can always change the numbers if you want your students practicing different numbers. To print: Click on the image or go here.

Give each student a battle ship board. Students pick vocabulary words as their ships. I usually tell them to pick 3 (or 4 if they are shorter words). They then write them with one letter in each box either horizontally or vertically. Have students play battleship following the typical rules of battleship (but in the target language). When someone hits their ship, they also give the letter so their opponent starts seeing a word appear. First one to find all ships wins. This game is practice recognition more than production and is great after just introducing new words. Here is a game board .

Circumlocution (for Spanish II (possibly at the end of Spanish I) and higher)
In its most basic form, circumlocution is using many words (such as "a tool used for cutting things such as paper and hair") to describe something simple ("scissors"). In this sense, the vast majority of definitions found in dictionaries are circumlocutory.
Use this as an activity for students to describe words that they may or may not know in Spanish. For example, they may not know how to say the word ‘hanger’ in Spanish but they can describe it. I have used it with the game Catch Phrase but you can adapt it to any game that has lists of words. Use it to review the vocabulary lesson that you are working on or the next lesson. This can be done with the whole class, partners or small groups.

Vocabulary for Circumlocution
Es parte de

Es un verbo
Es como

Es lo opuesto de

Es lo que (usas)
Es lo mismo que

Es un tipo de
Es un sinónimo de

Es grande/ pequeño
Es parecido a

Se parece a
Se usa para
Es rojo, amarillo…
Es un animal, persona, lugar, cosa, fruta, color…

Vocab grab (Thank you Jared)
Students work in pairs with about 9 flashcards layed out on a desk. (Some teachers have the students use pictures that represent the vocab words.) Teacher calls out a word and the students grab the correct one. Now if you don't like the idea of crinkling up the vocab cards you could put them into baseball card holders and then the students would just have to slap the word first.

Do you have an idea? Please feel free to leave a comment!

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