Sunday, March 23, 2014

Fun Spanish Book of the Week

I have a boat load of Spanish books.  New to our Spanish book library is ¿Quién se esconde?

On the first two pages are 18 animals.  Don't skip these pages like I did the first time I read this to my kids. It'll come in handy as you keep reading.  You don't just want your kids to point to the animal that is hiding or crying or backwards or mad.  You want your kids to try to answer with the name of the animal in Spanish.  My second grade daughter liked this book so much after I read it to her that she read and translated it to her non-Spanish speaking dad.

Other children's books in Spanish that we have loved are:

Froggy Se Viste (Froggy gets dressed)- perfect to go along with teaching about clothing in Spanish.

¡Quiero mi plátano!

Salta Ranita Salta

Harry y el terrible Quiensabeque

Do you have any favorite books in Spanish?


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