Friday, February 18, 2011

Spanish Teacher Resources

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Depending on where you live you may or may not have easy access to Spanish teaching aids.  I have picked up a lot of mine at Lakeshore but there are also a lot of inexpensive  Spanish teacher resources on Amazon.  Here are several posters and charts that would work well in your Spanish classroom or in your Spanish home school.

Teaching Spanish Materials





3.  Learning Resources English/Spanish Puzzle Cards, Set Of 20 

My kids love doing puzzles so incorporating puzzles with learning Spanish is ideal for us.

Learning Resources English/Spanish Puzzle Cards, Set Of 20









8.  ThinkFun Bilingual Zingo! Spanish

This Spanish game has great reviews.  I would love to try this out with my kids.   According to one reviewer even a 3 year old really enjoys the game.  

ThinkFun Bilingual Zingo! Spanish

9.  Spanish Bingo

Spanish Bingo

10.   I can Read and Speak in Spanish 

This has mostly 5* reviews and based on the reviews it looks like it is best for ages 5 and up.  I think this is definitely something I will add to our resource library for homeschool Spanish.

I Can Read and Speak in Spanish (Book + Audio CD)

11.  Abuelo y los tres osos

I had to put this on the list because of all the 5* reviews.  It looks like a great twist on the old classic.  You can read it in Spanish or English.

Abuelo y los tres osos

12.  My First Bilingual Little Readers: Level A: 25 Reproducible Mini-Books in English and Spanish That Give Kids a Great Start in Reading    

This is a reproducible book that you can make for each student in your Spanish class.  These are not in color, as displayed on the front cover but they look like a great resource.  There are 3 levels; A, B and C and they cover a wide variety of topics.

 My First Bilingual Little Readers: Level A: 25 Reproducible Mini-Books in English and Spanish That Give Kids a Great Start in Reading (Teaching Resources)

13.  Activities, Games, and Assessment Strategies for the Foreign Language Classroom

I know it is $27.22 BUT there are 8 reviews and they are ALL 5 stars.  This has got to be good.

Activities, Games, and Assessment Strategies for the Foreign Language ClassroomHere is the product description: This book provides easy-to-use resources to help you write fun lesson plans. With over 100 activities and games, this book also includes rubrics, spreadsheets, materials lists, and templates.

This book offers-
*Writing activities
*Strategies to promote oral proficiency
*Pair activities
*Group activities
*Individual practice activities
*Tips for classroom organization

Activities include-
*Sentence Scramble
*Chain Stories
*Two Truths and a Lie
*And many more


** Let us know in the comment section if you have any experience with #8-13

Spanish teaching aids, Spanish classroom Supplies

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Dual Immersion Workbook for help in Teaching Spanish to Young Children

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After seeing this book in a book store recently I decided to order it through Amazon (since I have a bunch of free gift certificates.)  It has one glowing 5 star review and I am hoping it will be a great addition to our work at home for K-1.  It is not a language program per say but it does provide directions for the activities in both Spanish and English.  Practice areas including math and language arts.  Does anyone else know about this book or use a Homeschool Spanish curriculum for young kids at home?  Be sure to leave a comment.

Bilingual Big Get Ready! Software Kindergarten

Bilingual Big Get Ready! Software Kindergarten

Also, check out my personal experience with Teach Them Spanish.

Teach Them Spanish!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Use a search engine to earn free amazon gift cards

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I know teachers are often strapped for cash so I wanted to show you how I have earned over $120 in Amazon gift cards just by searching the internet.

I mentioned Swagbucks  in a recent post.
Do you ever search the internet?  I assume the answer is yes.  Would you like to get rewarded when you search?  I bet the answer is yes.  I have made over $120 in amazon gift cards just by using Swagbucks as my search engine.

What are Swagbucks?
Swagbucks is a site that lets you earn Swagbucks (points) by literally just searching the web… something we do on a daily basis anyway! They also have an excellent referral program! If you refer someone over to Swagbucks and they earn a Swagbuck, you will earn a Swagbuck too–up to 1000 Swagbucks! So you could potentially earn 1000 Swagbucks from each friend you refer! Plus, once you accumulate enough Swagbucks, you can cash them in for various rewards, including gift cards (my personal favorite)!

How do you get started?
  • Go here and register on Swagbucks by creating an account
  • You will get some Swagbucks just for signing up!
  • After registering, you can immediately start searching for anything you want on the web just by using the Swagbucks search engine!
  • Periodically, while searching, you may see a pop up that says you’ve won anywhere from 1 to 10 or more in Swagbucks. I usually "win" swagbucks twice but sometimes three times a day.
  • Another way to earn Swagbucks, is by entering a Swagcode that is released almost everyday. This is a special code that you can enter in the swagcode box and you will instantly earn Swagbucks without having to search for them! How do you get this special code? Go to the Swagbucks homepage, click on “Ways to Earn” in the top left, then click on “Special Offers” and then click on the “No Obligation Offers” blue box on the right.
  • I also earn one swagbuck a day because I have downloaded the tool bar.
  • I try to do the daily poll every day (which takes about 3 seconds) and I earn a swagbuck every day I do this.
  • After linking my swagbuck account to facebook I quickly got a bunch of referrals.
Once you register it will state:
Welcome to Swag Bucks Special Offers. Sign up for the free money-saving offers you like,
feel free to skip the rest, and find a special swag code reward at the end.
Skip ALL the offers by clicking the skip button or the See Next Offer button beneath the advertisement. Finally after about 7 pages you’ll be awarded with a Swagcode! Enter the code in the box provided on the homepage to see how much you’ve earned.
  • After you’ve earned enough points, you can click on the upper tab labeled “Prizes”. Scroll down and under the categories section on the left hand side you should see “Gifts and Rewards”–click there. Now you can start scrolling through all the gift cards they have available. The gift card is by far my favorite reward! You can score a $5 gift card with just 450 Swagbucks, so very soon you could earn a $5 gift card!

Will you make your living on Swagbucks?  No. Will you make some money? Yes. Is it easy and free?  Yes and yes!!

So far I have earned over $120 in Amazon gift cards.  This won't pay the mortgage but it is something. Get mom and dad on board.  Get your friends on board.  Remember you get matched buck for buck until they reach 1000.  There are tons of other prizes.  I just find that Amazon gets the best bang for my swagbuck. Did you know you can buy groceries on Amazon?  I recommend saving up enough so that you have free shipping. I think your purchase has to be $25 or more.

Here is a recent screen shot of $120 in Amazon gift cards that I have redeemed.

Let me know if you decide to swagbuck!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Free songs at Amazon: $2 off MP3 Coupon Code

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Hurray! Now through February 14th, send any MP3s to your friends and loved ones (I sent mine to myself for my kids : )  ) , and get $2 off with code VDAYMP3S.

Let us know in the comment section what songs you decide to get.

Here's what to do: 

1) Choose the song that you want and open it in another tab/ window.  Click on the button “give song as a gift.”
2) Enter the recipient's email address.  (I entered my own.  It's a gift for my kids : ) )
3) Follow the instructions to personalize your MP3 gift and click the “Proceed to Checkout” button. (If you do not currently have a credit card and billing address associated with your account, you will need to add them although you will not be charged.)
4) On the checkout page, enter code VDAYMP3S in the box labeled “Have any gift cards, gift certificates, or promotional claim codes?” and click the “Apply” button. Your $2 credit will be added. If you receive an error, make sure you’ve entered the code correctly and that the promotion is still valid and has not expired.

Hokey Pokey

 I chose the following songs from Muevete-Learn Spanish Through Song and Movement :

1) Hokey Pokey in Spanish
2) Muévete/Move It

Other songs I've chosen during a similar MP3 promotion at Amazon were from whistlefritz

Cha, Cha, Cha (Spanish learning songs/Canciones infantiles) There are two MP3 music albums to choose from:
A Bailar! Let's Dance! -- Spanish Learning Songs Canciones Infantiles and Cha, Cha, Cha -- Spanish Learning Songs Canciones Infantiles Plus you can sample .

I chose these songs:
1) El Baile De Las Manos (The Hand Dance)
2) Los Niños cuando bailan and
3)Los deditos

Sesame Street: Fiesta Songs!
I also highly recommend songs from the Sesame Street fiesta Songs  I used these Spanish songs even for my high school classes. 

1) Me Gusta (I Like It)

2) No Me Gusta (I Don't Like It)