Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A few ideas for el Día de San Valentín

Here are a few Spanish Valentines Day ideas you can do with your Spanish class or kids at home.

Spanish activities for kids 

  • Make Valentines tarjetas de San Valentín but try to explain everything in Spanish. You might use the following vocabulary: cortar el papel, las tijeras, los corazones, las tarjetas, escribir palabras, dibujar con marcadores, dulces, chocolate

¡Te quiero! /  ¡Te amo!   - I love you!
Me haces feliz. - You make me happy.
Te extraño.  / Te echo de menos. - I miss you.

Other words:
Un abrazo - a hug
Un beso - a kiss

  • Make a contact Paper Valentine

  • Clear contact paper
  • Small pieces of paper, confetti, or tissue paper
  1. Cut 2 identically sized pieces of contact paper
  2. Place paper, confetti, or tissue paper in a container
  3. Decide what the final shape of the project will be and get a pattern if needed
  4. Peel the back off of 1 piece of the contact paper
During the activity make sure to narrate in Spanish using words like pegajosa, corazon, confeti, and the colors in Spanish.
  1. Place 1 piece of contact paper sticky side up in front of your toddler
  2. Allow toddler/ preschooler to stick paper, confetti, or tissue paper on the contact paper (without moving any of it!!)
  3. When he is finished, place the second piece of contact paper onto the first
  4. Trace (find a heart printable) or draw a heart shape onto the contact paper and cut it out
--Thanks for the idea Preschool Learning and Crafts!

Spanish activities for high school and Spanish activities for middle school 

Write ¡Feliz Día de San Valentín! on the board and have your students write down as many words as they can make out of those letters in 5 minutes.  (This would be a good paired activity.)  After the 5 minutes are up have each person/ pair write their words down on the board.  If another student wrote down that word, he or she will raise their hand.  The person/ pair with the most original words wins.

What activities are you going to do?  Leave a comment in the comment section.  If you have blogged about this in the past feel free to leave your link in the comment section as well.


Anonymous said...

¡Que bueno! Gracias para la ayuda.
A mis estudiantes les gusta a todo. :O) Sra. G.

Sara O. said...

Cute! During my student teaching experience, my mentor shared this idea that I now use and the kids love!

First of all, these are SECRET Valentines! So what that means is that you don't want to let your classmates see your project. Each student will cut out a heart and decorate it after writing their favorite things on there. I write a bunch of favorites on the board that they must include (band, sport, tv show, class, etc) and have them write them out in Spanish. After they've finished writing their information and decorating it, they hand it in to me and I will assign it a random number (and you must keep track of whose is whose somewhere else). The next day, I'll tape everybody's heart up on the wall--separating the girls' from the guys' and allow them to read through the favorite things and then choose ONE heart to see who they've picked! They really get a kick out of it and love this little activity! :)

Elaine said...

Thanks Sara for the great idea!