Friday, November 5, 2010

Engaging Vocabulary Word Game

Vocabulary word games are a great way to engage students in learning. This vocabulary game is great for pairs of students.  If you're looking for activities for the classroom or ideas for the classroom this is one that will work well for any classes that you want to review vocabulary with.

How to set up:
Select the vocabulary words you want your students to practice.
Write them randomly or type them on a sheet of paper.
Hand out one sheet per pair of students.
Instruct pairs of students to have out a different colored pen.

How to play:
Call out one word at a time. If the words on your sheet are in Spanish call them out in English or vice-versa. Students compete to see who can circle the word first. The player with the most circled words at the end wins.

Below is an example of this game. The words are from the realidades Spanish book. The vocabulary words are taken from realidades level 1 chapter 1A p46.

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