Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A is for Abeja...

Here is a great free Spanish printable for your preschooler.  I am doing one letter per week and working with my own preschooler on that particular letter.

Print out your "A" page here with Spanish words that start with "A."

Have your preschooler trace the letter A.  Then have him or her decorate the A's.  Come up with something creative like help them draw a bunch of Arañas all over the A.  Or use glitter glue, pompoms, or stickers of anything that starts with A in Spanish. Have your preschooler color and cut out (supervised of course) the pictures. Paste them into this letter book:

To print your Spanish letter A book go here and here.

Want to join me?  Let me know in the comment section. What creative ideas are you coming up with?


Adela said...

We also did the letter A it was a bit ambitious for my youngest and my 4 1/2 year 'young' took a break. When we did finish both were happy with their booklets. I have begun a Spanish Alphabet Box, in my case leftover drawstring bags with felt letters I glued onto them. I am collecting objects from home (inside and outside) for each letter. What I don't have I will print
up. Here is the link from where I am adapting the alphabet box idea, http://countingcoconuts.blogspot.com/search/label/Alphabet%20Box.

Elaine said...

I love the alphabet box you have Adela!

Daisy Cruz said...


These pages are wonderful but i could only locate A is for and B is for. I would love to print the entire alphabet to tape to the wall. Are the rest available? I am currently struggling to teach Spanish to my 1 year old in a household where mostly English is spoken.

Many thanks,