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Welcome to my Spanish teaching blog. I'm glad you're here! I am passionate about Spanish.  I love it!  I have my masters degree in education. I taught high school Spanish for 8 years and am currently teaching a course for a credential program as well as supervising some interns who are earning their credential in Spanish.  For the most part though, I am home taking care of my young preschoolers.  But I haven't taken time off teaching.  When playing with my children and interacting with them I choose to speak and teach them in Spanish.  It is so fun for me to think of new ways to get them speaking Spanish.  If you blog about Spanish and would like to guest post here or collaborate in another way let me know here or on the facebook page. 

Email me at:   teaching espanol (at) gmail (dot) com
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I love writing and I have a few other blogs as well as write for squidoo.

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Squidoo is pretty addictive and I've been spending a lot of my writing online time there lately.  If you want to give it a try you can start here.  It is probably the easiest venue to get into.