Thursday, October 15, 2009

KWL Charts and Generators

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Looking for a good anticipatory set?  A KWL chart has one already built in.
Go here to easily generate and customize your own printable KWL chart. These are great easy to make graphic organizers.
I love how one of my credential students does this.  At the beginning of a chapter she passes out a sticky note and has her students write down anything they know and then puts it up on butcher paper.  At the end of the chapter she revisits this and they can write a whole lot more.  They can see their progress.  What a great visual!
Go here to check out a Spanish KWL chart and how to use KWL charts in your Spanish class.
You might also want to read how to Create a Rubric to Assess Student Performance using Rubistar. 
or check out my article on how to create a great anticipatory set for your lessons and motivate your students

A "discipline hierarchy"

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I am a firm believer that if students know exactly what you expect of them and exactly what will happen if they don't meet your expectations that your class room will run a lot smoother.

"discipline hierarchy" is one in which you have a list of 3-6 consequences for breaking your rules or not meeting your expectations.  Each time a rule is broken during class there is a consequence that is more punitive or restrictive than the previous one.

These vary according to your style and school policies but mine were usually something like this:

1- Warning 
The first time a rule is broken I'll say, "Johnny, you have a warning."
2- Stay after class.
The second time a rule is broken I'll say, "Johnny, I'll see you after class."
3- Step outside and phone call home.
The third time a rule is broken I'll say, "Johnny, step outside."
4- Go to the office. (This will include a phone call home.)
The third time a rule is broken I'll say, "Johnny, now you may go to the office."  This might happen if I have told a student to go outside and they argue.

*Severe clause:  I reserve the right to bypass steps 1-3 for certain behaviors.