Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Free Spanish lesson on the body and going to sleep

This free sample lesson on el cuerpo, the body, is from an elementary Spanish curriculum from Sonrisas Spanish School.  It is well-organized and incorporates Spanish music, puppets, Spanish book suggestions, and creative projects.

Sonrisas recently let me know that the above sample is no longer current. It is from their old curriculum which has since been revised. They sent me a link with an example from their new curriculum. Check out the newer example lesson titled "Me Llamo."

Check out these other posts on teaching Spanish body vocabulary:
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Spanish Video incorporating body vocabulary
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Hop, Skip and Sing Spanish has several GREAT songs in Spanish that help teach body vocabulary.  Go here to see my review about Hop, Skip and Sing Spanish.
Parts of the Body Spanish Lesson
Click on and hear the parts of the body in Spanish 


Unknown said...
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Jesús Flores said...

Muchas gracias!

This picture will be useful in lessons of Spanish.

Anonymous said...

Buen recurso.!! Anadan actividades para high school students.